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Patagonia worn wear

PatagoniaBetter Sweater 1/4-Zip Fleece Jacket - Women's. from $49.97 $99.00. + More Colors. 20% Off. Patagonia Black Hole 45L MLC Bag. Only 8 left ...

Patagonia and other adventure travel destinations

Ever since Patagonia had an office (and wasn’t just selling gear out of the back of Yvon’s car), we’ve devoted desk space, our free time and a percentage of our sales to protecting wild nature. From our travels, we knew our land, air and water was in real trouble from… Read More

Patagonia pro

Find sweet deals on your favorite Patagonia® gear. Shop past-season outdoor clothing and gear in our Web Specials at 1% for the Planet®.


There’s something acutely cute about kids protesting. They paint their signs—and faces—in primary colors, add some glitter. They smile and laugh as they huddle for selfies. Yet if they seem playful, they’re additionally serious. The millions of young people who’ve taken to the streets in the last year know that… Read More

Patagonia sale

Travel Tips, Travel Articles & Travel Blog. Recommendations from a professional Guide. Patagonia Dreaming Travel Blog, Patagonia Travel, Chile & Argentina, ...

Patagonia On A Budget: How to Explore the Region For Less

We all get anxious before traveling, wondering on the way to the airport if we accept forgotten something important. Here are some useful tips to backpack your suitcase and avoid this unnecessary stress. Whether you are traveling for a couple of days or several weeks, these tips are applicable and […]

Patagonia chile

Shop for Patagonia at REI Outlet - FREE SHIPPING With $50 minimum purchase. Top quality, great selection and expert advice you can trust. 100% Satisfaction ...

The Ultimate Guide to Budget Travel in Patagonia

*Fastest Fish Fourteener Known Time I picked it up on a whim at the ranger station in Bishop 2012. I was there finagling a permit that would look more or less legal for my attempt to break the men’s speed record across the John Muir Trail starting the next day. Read More


“The hotel offers parking for a fee, although it is easy and cheap to pay for on street .... The staff was amazing and organized few tours for us at amazing prices.

The Ultimate Patagonia Guide

I ink an uppercase Y on the sign-up sheet in the box abutting to my scribbled name. The letter stands for the chat “yes.” Yes, I’m willing to get arrested. Yes, I’m in a dimly lit bar in Studio City, California. Yes, I’m here for a irenic climate-activist training session… Read More

Patagonia lake state park

The Cleanest Line provides frequent updates on outdoor sports and gear, dirtbag culture, environmental activism, corporate social responsibility and more.


A trek in the mountains is not the time to improvise! Whether you have planned an excursion of a few canicule or several weeks, biking requires an adequate physical preparation. Furthermore, you must prepare your biking gear accordingly to the breadth you will be visiting.

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